4D Gelato :: Mall Graphics

Darkhorse 4D GELATO 2 367

The 4D Gelataria at the Dolphins mall needed a big makeover, but we were limited by the amount of structural change we were allowed to make.  So we worked late nights and repaired the counter then wrapped with APA Architectural film, and added graphics to the awning.  We tried to recycle as much of the existing signage as possible, so we used the channel letters on the front and moved it to the back and resigned some of the architectural flair to match their new color scheme.  We installed LED signframes and wrapped the remaining areas with their trademark blueberry pattern.

The mall had some strict rules regarding when we allowed to work, so the team spent late nights working so that it would be ready for the next day when the mall opened.  At Darkhorse we are used to meeting tough deadlines and working within the constraints of every design project.  From repairing the displays and counter, to installing electrical, we can handle your rebuild from start to finish.

Makeover and Rebuild your existing space by adding graphics, rewrapping your space, and adding dimensional letters and signage.