Bennett Auto:: Commercial Wraps

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Bennett Auto Fleet Graphics. Brand your Fleet to maximize your advertising power on your vehicles. The Ultimate Mobile Billboard for Business.

Fleet graphics are a great way to maximize your advertising dollar. They act as mobile billboards roaming the streets all day bringing your business and message to potential clients. Bennett Auto is a fixture in South Florida and wanted to do some co-branding with its more popular product manufacturers. They went to a few wrap designers, but they weren’t getting the most professional designs and they were referred to Darkhorse, Inc.

We nailed a design that would work with their individual branding guidelines and also be able to incorporate another brand without diluting Bennett Auto ‘s. Using the concepts of the first few wraps we were able to apply that design language to different vehicles like Box Trucks, Battery Trucks and even small vehicles like Ford Fiestas.

Many wrap companies don’t have the design experience that we have.  We think a clean design that represents your company’s brand is always going to be the best way to go, but if you want to go outside that we have a creative team that can also get loose.  We offer illustrations, logo design as well as clean branding, so if you aren’t sure what you want, just reach out to our creative team and we can get it into the lab.

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