Broward College :: Wall & Window Project

Darkhorse Broward College IMG_7154 73

Our client Broward College was looking for a special project that could show how diverse the student body was. They wanted a display they could update but didn’t want a dry erase because they felt it would look sloppy.  We have never attempted to make a wall that size with magnetic properties, but our motto is “Dream Big” and we are going to do everything in our power to make sure that your magnetic wall mural looks amazing and works perfectly. 

We first mapped out the wall digitally and then had the steel panels routed out to all for the obstructions; like the power outlets. We then attached the pieces to the wall and countersunk all the screws and then filled in the gaps with putty. Only then were we ready to install the wrap. Every imperfection will show up in a wall wrap so it’s important to work with professionals who will go the extra mile.

The glass wall of the newly created Broward College graphic design department was a great project because we did different layers of frosted vinyl to create dimension and also created some privacy for the students. Glass walls are great and all until you are having a meeting and someone starts waving to people inside.  Most of the frost we install is for this exact reason, so the solution was creative and effective.

Broward College magnetic Wall Wrap Mural with interchangeable pieces & Frosted Privacy Film for Glass Wall of the newly designed graphic design department.

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