Figo’s :: Restaurant Signage

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Figos was a project we started from scratch with.  The owners had a big project and not much of a budget.  We designed everything from the ground up which included the walls and the refinishing of the countertops.  Figos was looking to push his instagram and also wanted to add some uniquely Venezuelan elements like the mural we did of Carlos Cruz-Diez’s piece in the Venezuelan airport.

Our artists created a clean look with geometric patterns and solid color blocking.  We also wrapped an ugly tile wall with brushed silver and refinished his existing countertops with brushed silver diebond, making the space look totally overhauled while saving money by being able to recycle the existing furniture.

We can help design your restaurant or just add some new elements to it.  Don’t feel overwhelmed with figuring out what to do with your empty office or space we love a blank canvas and will work with you to convey your brand most effectively.

Restaurant Wall Wraps and Countertop Graphics can be used to remodel your existing space with a brand new fresh look without breaking the bank.