IYC Yachts :: Window Graphics

Custom Business Window Decals. Great way to turn windows into advertising space or signage for use on storefronts and glass doors.

IYC Yachts (International Yacht Company) is a company that specializes in the management of luxury yachts, with the promise of a luxurious yacht lifestyle. They take part in many different boat and yacht events, including ones here in South Florida.

Recently, IYC Yachts contacted us to wrap their location windows with window perforated material. Window perforated material is perfect for wrapping any kind of window to provide a professional and custom look, while maintaining privacy on the inside. It consists of tiny holes that are spaced in even intervals across the face of the vinyl surface. The different perforation patterns allow various amounts of natural light to pass through without completely obstructing vision from those on the opposite side of the window. With this material, business owners and employees can perfectly see from the inside out but guests on the outside are only able to see the wrap design.

There are different types of perforations are available for various applications:

  • Ÿž50/50 perf. This type consists of half printable surface and half see-through holes. These holes are bigger and can be seen more easily at a close distance, while the view from inside remains uninterrupted. This material is recommended for vehicle windows.
  • 70/30 and 65/35 perf. These films have more printable surface and fewer holes. The smaller size holes allow complex graphics to be seen close up. Because of the restricted visibility, this material is not suitable for vehicle windows, but works well on retail or office windows.

Sometimes, window perforated material needs to be applied wet in order to prevent bubbles from forming in the future. In this IYC Yachts job, we did so to provide the cleanest look possible. This material is also commonly used for windows of car wraps to seamlessly continue the design of a wrap while having the same visibility effect. From the outside, the film is dominant because the black layer absorbs more light than is reflected.

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