Pearl Dadeland

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Pearl Dadeland Lobby – Interior Wall Murals & Wall Decor

An amazing project that was conceptualized by our dear friend, Chris Oh, and executed by Darkhorse. Not only did we design the walls we also produced the custom art that is located throughout the building. This was a major design project and we put a ton of planning to make sure the colors looked right with the paint and everything lined up properly.

These vinyl wall murals consisted of a few different colors and textures, from the blue-grey to the brushed gold drips, and then the acrylic wall decor that also adorns this beautiful space. The brushed gold stand-offs are a small detail among many and this project was very rewarding when we put the finishing touches on it.

Pearl Dadeland Parking Garage – Vinyl Wall Mural, Concrete Wall Mural

This Concrete Wall Mural is what greets potential clients when they enter the parking garage at Pearl Dadeland. We designed the geometric pattern that surrounds and emphasizes the logo and the way that the wall mural is positioned gives maximum visibility to incoming clients and outgoing residents. The colors really look amazing on this ultra-matte finish and the texture of then bricks works to contrast the clean design.

This really livened up the area as many parking garages are just a mass of bricks and steel, this wall mural worked seamlessly as you worked your way into the lobby which welcomes you with the warmer golds. Brilliantly collaborated with our client and us, this mural looks amazeballs.

Interior Wall Mural Decor, design projects can conceptualize your space turning your workspace into a work of art with a combination of colors and textures.

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