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Sun Life Terrace – Concrete Wall Mural

We worked with Sun Life Stadium for the Sun Terrace for Concrete Graphics, which are perfect to use on textured surfaces to display your custom artwork on a tough surface.

Before it was Hard Rock Stadium, and way after it was Joe Robbie Stadium, we had a little-known insurance company sponsor the Dolphins Stadium. Sun Life Stadium was the middle child’s name, but they gave us a huge opportunity to design a mural for these deep-textured concrete bricks.

Using 3M concrete film, and a special roller this job was installed to really accentuate the deep texture and also made it appear that it was painted directly onto the wall. When recreating logos its always best to go digital, even if hand painting is the trend now, it’s tough to recreate logos perfectly. Sunlife Terrace is gone forever but you can create your own wall mural on concrete and we can help you.