The Hollywood Beach Marriott :: Elevator Wraps

Elevator wraps are a great way to advertise in a closed space but also can work as an environmental graphic in office buildings and hotels.

The Hollywood Beach Marriott reached out to us to design and wrap all three of their guest elevators. They continuously have lots of employees, visitors, tourists, and other guests coming in and out of their elevators, so they wanted to create an environment there that captures the essence of the hotel.

You can find more information on the hotel here.

For this job, we designed each elevator differently. It involved removing some outdated wooden trim on the walls, to then be replaced and wrapped with beautiful scenic photographs of the Hollywood Beach Marriott. The photos on each elevator wall were designed to stretch proportionally across the left, middle, and right walls. This created a unique seamless effect of one huge image that surrounds whatever is inside.

The floors of the elevators were also wrapped to look like a rustic wooden beach deck, with the hotel’s logo big in the middle. The Hollywood Beach Marriott has their own on-site restaurant called “Latitudes”, where a variety of specialty drinks and delicious foods are crafted. They wanted to incorporate this restaurant into the design for the elevators somehow, so we came up the idea of wrapping the inside doors with a professional-shot photo of one of their tropical drinks and the restaurant logo.

These elevator wraps are a perfect way to brand a location, decorate a school, advertise a business, and more. This process was a challenge, but it came out really nice in the end!

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