Darkhorse ICA IMG_8358 265

The black and white container wrap was a super large format didactic for the interactive exhibits that were housed in other containers. The installation was difficult with the lo-tac temporary vinyl, but we handled it perfectly and proud to say there was no glue left on the container once the wall mural was removed.

The second set of #containerwraps were for the III Points festival as well, and we helped to create an amazing shell for the video artist exhibiting her work on the inside. By using the open door for the backdrop we were able to differentiate each of the spaces for different videos that were running inside.  The corrugated metal on container wraps is not the most forgiving material to wrap, but our installers did an amazing job making it work.

We love art and we love working with artists, art galleries and in this case a museum. Darkhorse is proud to be affiliated with amazing organizations like the ICA and others in the local art scene.