Miami Open :: Instagram Backdrops

Our team worked hard to put these very colorful and very unique Miami Open Instagram Backdrops in the cabana area, where people could gather to take fun photos with family and friends and share it on Instagram. We worked with one of our talented artist friends, KRELWEAR, who hand weaved the colorful knit masterpiece into the word “DEUCE” and peace symbols, created by screwing a bunch of screws into a designed template on two separate pieces of black PVC. Each of the cabanas had custom knit matching colored curtains also designed by KRELWEAR. This Instagram Backdrop project involved lots of paint throwing, drilling, colors, lights, and neon.

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For these Miami Open Instagram Backdrops, we did a total of three different fun, grammable cabana backdrops. The first one being a masterpiece that our team created completely by hand. Our team of designers got together and spent days perfectly splattering neon paint of all kinds shades of pink and red on a large piece of black PVC. Once the paint was dry enough, a large script “love” vinyl decal was placed on it in a very bright fluorescent pink color. The concept of this cabana was “LOVE start with every match”, which carries on to the floor also in the fluorescent pink vinyl.

The second instagrammable cabana involved drilling over 100 screws into two separate pieces of black PVC, both into the peace symbols and “DEUCE” and on the outside border, which then lined up and come together as one big piece. Once this was done and installed on site, KREALWEAR beautifully weaved rainbow colored knit across the entire piece around the screws and created an artistic piece perfect for snapping photos at the event. Neon lights were added to compliment the backdrop and tie everything together.

Lastly, our third and final Miami Open Instagram backdrop consisted of a lot of trial and error, but ended up working great in the end. All of the cabanas consisted of a foundation of black PVC to mimic walls. Our team printed huge area of tennis ball pattern on some fluorescent green/yellow vinyl, which was then wrapped onto the black PVC walls. Once the look was complete, you can see that it almost drowns you in tennis balls! KREALWEAR featured some custom knit tennis-themed pillows that said “ACE, ACE, BABY”. This job was lots of fun and lots of work.

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