Miami Grand Prix 2022

Creating the Illusion: Darkhorse Miami’s Stunning “Fake Marina” at the 2022 Miami Grand Prix

The 2022 Miami Grand Prix generated buzz long before its arrival in Miami. As part of a talented group of vendors tasked with transforming Hard Rock Stadium to host a world-class event, Darkhorse Miami knew we had to create something truly special. Inspired by the spirit of Monaco, the original destination for Formula 1 races, known for its yachts and boats docked along the racetracks, we set out to bring that essence to Miami.

Creating a live body of water in the middle of a stadium would have been prohibitively expensive. Instead, we came up with a brilliant solution: designing an illustrated “fake” marina using vinyl and playing with color illusions. Imagine a marina where the water isn’t water at all.

At the heart of the Miami Grand Prix, our team brought forth a masterpiece of deception – a ‘marina’ like no other. Our intricate floor decals, meticulously designed with graphic precision, transformed the ordinary into an astonishing, lifelike water vista. From a distance or up close, guests were awed by the seamless replication, as yachts seemed to float effortlessly on our faux waters. The paddocks were designed with both functionality and sponsor visibility in mind. Our team ensured that branding elements from sponsors were prominently and appropriately integrated, providing them with significant exposure throughout the event. With the Miami Grand Prix project, we’ve once again demonstrated that the impossible is within reach.

Bringing this project to life was a unique challenge as we needed to ensure the graphics looked as realistic as possible. The “Fake Marina” was a massive success, capturing attention on numerous news outlets and social media platforms. Our innovative approach not only met but exceeded expectations, adding a distinctive and memorable element to the Miami Grand Prix.

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